Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I thought I'd be out for six weeks, but two will do! Really can't undo anything the surgeon did so what I risk is pulling the muscles that are trying to get used to my new conformation. I can almost look over my shoulder, so looking for the next fence won't be a problem :) Toga thinks his vacation was a bit short.....he did get the time off - it went by so quickly I didn't organize anyone to ride him. Addie got on him once and he was great, so really I just have to catch up on his fitness. I've been on him twice, and what a great feeling! He's my happy place for sure, what a good man. Will try to ride every day this week and take a lesson on Friday. Right now I'm looking ahead to February, which is usually the month I get started for the spring. But since we really haven't totally let down this winter, I want to try to go south for a week or two and do some intense schooling. Not sure where or when or how yet, but that's in the plan if possible.