Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time is FLYING by as we prepare for Bromont.  I entered quite a while ago, and being new to the process, kind of freaked at first when there was no entry list or any word from the secretary for a long time.  Still no entry list, but that's because the USEF has to approve who goes to Canada, or anywhere out of the country.  What a process!!  A seven page application to drive a few hours out of the country....oh well it's done - my check was cashed, I have a golf cart reserved, as well as a camping spot.  Can't wait!

MCTA went really well.  Absent was my baby Ari, who had  an unusually persistent fever.  I took Addie's little horse Juice Box, who rose to the challenge and jumped clean and fast at Novice.  The division was huge and he finished in the middle.  Not bad for being yanked into training at the last minute!  Toga's dressage was so much better than I expected since he had to wait on the trailer in the heat for most of the day.  He was obedient and accurate, and did a good job on the uneven ground.  The next day he was ready to jump, and hopped around stadium easily.  I almost made it into the start box for cross country without a hitch, but the final 5-4-3-2-1 lit the fire and, as usual, we went in a bit wild.  I couldn't get to my watch to start it until I was halfway to the start box - I have to figure out a better system to hit that button!  Maybe a whole minute early??  I definitely need two hands on the wheel at the start!  BUT at least I get in there on my own and I expect it will improve over time (maybe?) (I hope?).

Toga cruised around cross country at a pace I was a little surprised about.  Fair Hill had been such a battle over who was in charge of pace, but this time he settled quickly.  I didn't press him until the end where we ended a little slow, but at least very consistent.  There was plenty more energy so I was pretty happy taking some time to ride the jumps a little more accurately.  Well, most of them..... we jumped into the water and on the way to the log out I lost one side of my reins.  I could only pull on one side, and since the approach to the out was on a bending line, Toga just aimed straight ahead looking for the next jump.  At the last second I grabbed the rein back and kind of pointed him and my body towards the log on the lump.  Toga knows to stay between the flags and oozed himself over - what a good man.  He shook it off and continued on business as usual.  We finished seventh with a lot of confidence gained from the rides.

Next stop is another Fair Hill this weekend.  The great rain we've had the last couple days will make the footing super and I'm looking forward to the event.  We've been working hard on the flat work, really pushing for a better frame and more flexibility.  Toga tries really hard and we are learning together.  He does what  I ask him to do, so it's up to me to learn to do it right. Ari is back in work and bounced back to where he was before he got sick very quickly.  We lost that great conditioning he got in the sand in NC, but he should lope around the Novice course no problem.  The dressage...well we'll stay in the ring....  :)   Should be a great weekend my boys are ready!