Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays and Many Thanks

Happy Holidays and a happy New Year to all my friends who have supported me and Toga this year! Special thanks to The Surrey for their continuing sponsorship in 2012 as we continue to learn and advance through the levels. This past year was an amazing journey and I couldn't have accomplished it without the help of my sponsors, friends, trainers, and Toga's MANY fans. We have an exciting future to look forward to that includes (God willing) Bromont, the AECs, and FHI. With any luck we'll try our first Advanced horse trials in the fall! I'm so lucky to have an equine partner like Toga, and now my youngster Ari is right on his heels. Watch out for that boy in the spring! (you'll have to look UP, he's quite tall...) After the next couple months working with Packy fine tuning our flatwork and hopefully catching some jumper shows, we'll (Ari gets to go too!) spend a couple weeks with Bobby Costello in Southern Pines and begin our horse trials season there.

Thank you to everyone (thank you Allie Conrad for this great pic) - have a great holiday and I'll talk to you soon!