Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Got my neck fused last Wednesday.... still sore and tired but I think I'll be back in the saddle faster than anticipated :) Rode until the day of surgery, so I think by the beginning of next week I'll be able to put Toga on long lines so he doesn't lose any fitness. I've been riding a few horses on the side and I sure do miss the exercise. Funny how rest can make you feel bad - when I'm lethargic I actually feel ill. But the walking I've done in the past few days has WIPED me out and it just goes to show that your body tells you when it needs to slow down. Very hard to do but worth the relatively little bit of time off to get going at 100% in a few weeks. I'm really excited that a rescue horse I've had for a little over a year is going to a new owner - gets to stay here and have a stall!! Super sweet horse I would have kept him around forever just because of his attitude. He's only four but has had it rough - messed up knee surgery has left him with little to no flexion in both knees, but he goes along as best he can, no spook, no 'tude, no worries. What a lucky horse. And Ari (my coming four year old) is just dying to get to work I can tell. Hope everyone has a great New Year - I'm looking forward to getting started on it ASAP :)