Saturday, March 12, 2011

Last weekend was great.... we had a Fix-A-Test with Lisa Cox judging and coaching us on our debut dressage tests. Real sign of spring! The Surrey had their mobile tack shop at the farm, which was great for everyone. I think we all got to improve our tests, and will be a little better prepared for the upcoming event and dressage season. Best of all, Lisa donated the entry fees to CANTER MidAtlantic. We usually have at least one CANTER horse here for rehab/re-training, and there are a number of adopted CANTER horses boarding here as well. Great benefit!

This week didn't pan out for my planned fitness work, since we got a monsoon followed by many inches of mud - but the winds are helping a lot to dry things out and I THINK this week the footing will be good enough to gallop somewhere other than around in circles in the indoor. Hope so since my first show is less than two weeks away. One week till leaving for Southern Pines to work with Bobby Costello. Packy has been very sick, so his other students and I have been working as best as possible to keep moving forward in our training. We all help each other out watching our riding, setting jumps, etc. I got to jump on Wednesday before the rain and Toga was amazing as usual. Even jumping only once a week this winter has kept our eyes up much better than if I'd stopped for my usual month or so. I feel pretty comfortable about the show jumping and hope that I can get some XC schooling in at Bobby's.

It's really time to get my baby boy started. Ari is four, he's broke, but I haven't had time to really get on his case. Necessity says there are a bunch of other horses that need to come first to be able to afford to get him going - so he's been the low man. But hopefully soon. I do need to find some help at the barn so I can keep riding this many horses. I love doing it, and I love to see it help the horses and riders, but wow I get tired faster than I used to! I rode five on Thursday that seems to be my limit. I really need to ride three of my own every day - Toga, Ari, and Jack, my ADHD bi-polar but so very sweet sales horse. Oh yeah, and there's Moe, yet another sales horse. Then four or five to school on the side... Anybody want a part-time job in exchange for a stall?? Will have to start looking for someone.

Toga got clipped again this week he looks SLICK :) He was shedding a lot but just wasn't losing enough winter coat to make me think he'd be done by next week. It will be much warmer in Southern Pines, and heat is the only thing that tends to wear on T. We never seem to have time to get used to it around here - it's freezing one day, hot the next, and vice versa. What a pain. He seems quite fit on the flat, but I know the first time around XC will be slow. Looking forward to it, though, and am excited to spend some time there ahead of the show schooling.